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Deborah Schneebeli Morrell: Le high life

Here’s the world brought home to the rag and bone shop of the heart and made welcome, manageable, lovable even, without ceasing to be itself in all its strangeness and grandeur.
Gillian Allnut on Thirty Poems

She has an unselfish gift – her subject is usually other people rather than herself, other people seen through loving eyes, other people lost and mourned with open hearted grief. These are moving, beautiful poems.
Adrian Mitchell on Twenty Poems


30 poems cover of Jehane Markham poems

Thirty poems
Rough Winds 2004, £10
ISBN 0-9536583-6-8

20 poems by jehane markham

Twenty poems
Rough Winds 1999, £6
ISBN 0-9536583-1-7

The Captain’s Death
Soul 1974, £5
ISBN 09503388 0X



Vladivostok to Moscow CD cover

Vladivostok to Moscow
An original composition recorded by Jehane Markham Trio, it evokes images and memories inspired by a seven-day train journey on the Trans Siberian railway across the length of Siberia. Drawing on the sound-worlds of contemporary gypsy jazz, Russian folk and classical music, this is harmonious jazz with integrated speech and song rhythms adding structure and form to a dream-like narrative.
Running time 37.16
Rough Winds 2009

London series CD cover

The London Series
The London Series is a collection of jazz-poems inspired by a life lived in the capital. The poems are juxtaposed by sections of prose, underscored by double bass and piano.
A hybrid of words and jazz about love and London from a personal perspective, the piece was recorded at The Lodge Studios in 2009. The first in The London Series, this elliptical narrative pays homage to different parts of North London as well some of the writers who once lived there.
Part memory, part fiction, this is an energetic composition with a blues feel.
Running time: 20.6; also Frank Sinatra (3.47) and The Rainy Season (3.49)
Rough Winds 2008


My Mother Myself cover

My Mother Myself
two poets, mother & daughter, Olive Dehn & Jehane Markham write about the extraordinary happenings of everyday life but each has a distinctive tone and style. Olive's work draws inspiration from nature and people and their lives and has a lyrical simplicity. Jehane's work reflects a darker vision, and bears the concerns of the post war generation.
A single tape featuring Olive Dehn on Side 1 and Jehane Markham on Side 2
Running time: approx. 47 minutes
ISBN 0-9536583-4-1
Rough Winds 2001

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