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poems beginning with J by Jehanne Markham

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Roses are everywhere


When you're a child
Roses stand guard
Intense as fairy tales
Mysterious as adults
Their hearts taking you down
Slim pipes of ecstasy.


When you're an adult
They talk silently
About love and heartbreak
Twirling their pink and crimson skirts.


When you're old
They rise up
Like your mother and your grandmother Unfolding tenderness
In the points and petals
Forgiving you once again

Roses are everywhere

Roses are everywhere,
big and blousy;
the barmaids of the garden,

tipping over walls and hedges
opening, loosening,
their hearts on their sleeves.

Calling in bees
crawling over stamens
with trembling insect knees

and the wild dog rose
makes water-colour splashes
on the darkening leaves.