Monthly poem - July 2019


In memory of my sister, Sonie, 1938-2016

Like having three mothers
fold back your hair

in the way we raise our eyes
and then shut them for a long second.

We always smile at waiters.
We crave special relationships with doctors and nurses,
even the man behind the ticket office

blossoms under our eyes.
How we adore kindness!
Nothing less than kittenish,

we worship the postman
with his burden of paper mouths;
the last messenger on earth.

Lost and found by the fireside,
hormonally engaged
with our genetic hand-me-downs,

we are all soul
and no backbone and
our gravity is water, our roots are blood.


Jehane Markham

Photo of Jehane Markham by Heini Schneebeli

Jehane Markham is a true poet...
her poems glow like impressionist paintings.

Adrian Mitchell

Love wells up out of Jehane Markham's work... it made me cry.
Gillian Allnutt

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