Monthly poem - September


In old money
this is where summer ends
and summer clothes are put away.

Families returning from abroad with brown arms and white strap marks to compare and display.

Sand is emptied out of shoes,
sea shells from distant beaches
arranged on a bathroom shelf.

Apples wrapped in newspaper
are carefully racked and stored
like a croupier’s gathered wealth.

Autumn is just a poetic word;
there are no proper seasons,
the melting ice caps have seen to that:

Heat has swelled the oceans and de-forestation has robbed the hills of trees
so a mud-slide can crush a village flat.

In Houston, Texas, the water is up to the roof,
Cattle and dogs swim for their life
along with the poor and able folk.

And the water keeps on rising
and the flames are burning the sky
and that's how people choke.

In 2001 the Twin Towers fell
covering frightened faces
with white billowing smoke.

Now Grenfell Tower is our monument,
blackened and hollow eyed
as any 19th century gothic engraving,

it looks after the souls it lost
along with the Welfare State
and all those it left behind, waving, waving.


Jehane Markham

Photo of Jehane Markham by Heini Schneebeli

Jehane Markham is a true poet...
her poems glow like impressionist paintings.

Adrian Mitchell

Love wells up out of Jehane Markham's work... it made me cry.
Gillian Allnutt

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